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Pagan Community Chaplains

Whether you are following a specific course or walking a solitary path, there may come a time when you ask yourself, Is this it? Is there nothing more for me on this path? You are not be alone and there is something we can do, turn our knowledge and experience towards helping others.  Many Pagans go into healing, aromatherapy, creativity in song and word, grove work or perhaps supporting their local Pagan communities.

There is another option become a Pagan Community Chaplain offering support to ex-offenders on the outside through the Janus Community Chaplaincy. This position is also security vetted and training will be given.

The Janus Community Chaplaincy is an autonomous charitable organisation set up as "multi-faith" with its own board of trustees.  Janus aims to have Volunteer Community Chaplains and Mentors aiding the spiritual development of those prisoners/ex-offenders who wish to continue their studies.  

The Pagan Federation Prison Ministry has been working closely with the Community Chaplaincy Association (CCA) which is a large multi-faith charity and has representative organisations in nearly every area of England and Wales. The Janus Community Chaplaincy and other small organisations are autonomous but receive support and guidance from the CAA to establish best practices, policies and procedures as well as building structures to enable engagement with any prisoner or ex-offender, seeking help.

Volunteer Pagan Mentors will be trained within a team working from particular prisons (Janus is being rolled out from East Anglia where the CCA had no representative body.

For more information please go to:

Janus Community Chaplaincy:

Community Chaplaincy Association (CCA):

For more details please contact the Pagan Federation Prison Ministry (PFPM) Manager, Helene Mobius at