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Pagan Prison Chaplains

Whether you are following a specific course or walking a solitary path, there may come a time when you ask yourself, Is this it? Is there nothing more for me on this path? You are not be alone and there is something we can do, turn our knowledge and experience towards helping others.  Many Pagans go into healing, aromatherapy, creativity in song and word, grove work or perhaps supporting their local Pagan communities. There is another option, one that might be of interest to those who have been on their chosen path for at least 5 years: be a Pagan Prison Chaplain.

As a Pagan Chaplain you will need not only to engage with prisoners of various Pagan faiths, but able to work within a multi-faith team alongside Chaplains of all the other religions (Christian, Moslem, Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu and so on).

Your role is to help Pagan prisoners observe the 8-fold year and share your knowledge with them. You will be asked to advise on various Pagan faiths so getting a good understanding of other Pagan religions is beneficial. Aside from the religious aspect of the job, you may also be asked to help with generic duties such as visiting the sick, meeting prisoners on the wings (in cells) and perhaps visiting the Segregation Unit.

Working within a prison environment can be challenging due to the restricted environment. Certain items/objects are not allowed so don’t try and take your Staff inside, and especially not an Athame.  Being a good listener is very important because you will be in a position of trust and confidentiality, not only with the prison but also with the prisoner.

We are still in the minority and need more Pagans of all faiths to volunteer for this very worthwhile service.  However, if the idea of working within a prison environment isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps you could consider becoming a Pagan Community Chaplain offering support to ex-offenders on the outside. This position is also security vetted and training will be given.

So if you are wondering how you can be of service to the Pagan community, becoming a Prison Pagan Chaplain or a Pagan Community Chaplain could be the answer.

For more details please contact the Pagan Federation Prison Ministry (PFPM) Manager, Helene Mobius at