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Pagan Crafts



Nelly Moon

Bespoke Hand-crafted Native American and Holistic Designs

Sky Raven Wolf

Working with leather is a craft involving several processes and it takes time. Each design is unique and created by us - we do not use premade stamps.  Our designs are inspired by the natural world that surrounds us and by the mythology and folklore of Britain.


Handmade paper art by Sally Bowman:  I'm a pagan paper artist working full time at Okifolki from my little studio at home.

Madam Medusa's Curiosity Shop

The weird and mystical world of Madame Medusa.  Pagan - Wiccan - Spiritual - Holistic - Hippie.

Damh the Bard

Damh the Bard takes his inspiration from the ancient myths and legends of the British Isles and Ireland; from King Arthur to Taliesin; from the Welsh Mabinogion to old British folk customs

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