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Heart of Fire

Written by Timbo, for his Mum (2011)

Blessed be to the conqueror of the heart

For they shall see the mighty worth in giving to the light within,

To touch this is to light a beacon of hope

To light the flame and prosper in the wonder of life

And this shall be the greatest gift to gift to another

Anointed to the higher realms of peace and love and

To follow on in that well-worn path to Epiphany.

And God’s will as we stand upon the salient hill

Will be spoken in a thousand tongues and meanings

So that we that seek, shall share in eternity

This our freedom of truth to be awoken from our slumber

And walk among the wayward stars, gather to the guiding light

With a beating Heart of Fire that will echo through their soul

And at once be united in purpose for the betterment of humankind.

To serve with a will and justly cause, for in time immortal

We shall stand together within that understanding.

And no veil of distortion shall hide the truth from thee

For once you are born to the light then so that light shall never

Be dimmed. No earthly fear to fail or stumble but be the beacon

Of life and stand tall among the humble and needy

For then the realms of the masses shall take their rightful place

Within their destiny’s call.