Thinking of your own funeral may seem strange so why make an Advance Funeral Directive?

By taking a few moments now, you will save your loved ones the burden of uncertainty at the time of your passing over.  This Directive will give them the information needed to arrange your funeral, if possible, in accordance with your wishes.  This is especially important if they are not of the same religion because they may not know what religious practices are required for a Pagan funeral.

Writing an Advance Funeral Directive enables you to have a funeral that reflects your life, your beliefs and an opportunity to say any final words to your family and friends. This document will give you some control over your funeral, so that last minute requests don’t have to be made at the “crisis” time of death.  

It is important to note that funeral wishes, whether in a Will or an Advance Funeral Directive are not legally binding after death.  

All you have to do now is simply download the Pagan Transitions Advance Funeral Directive, and complete it in your own time.  

Please do NOT return this to us as this is YOUR personal document and should be kept safe by you.

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