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Funeral Rite for Pets

This ritual forms a framework upon which you can either use as is, or use the ideas to create your own ritual.

O Great Spirit - mother and father of us all, we ask for your blessing on this our ceremony of thanksgiving and honouring and blessing <NAME>.


We stand at a gateway now, a gateway that each of us must step through at some time in our lives.   <NAME> has gone through this doorway already.  His/her soul is immersed in the shining light of the Unity that is the mother and father of us all.

The sadness and the pain we feel now is in our knowledge that we ourselves cannot yet cross that threshold to be with him/her until our time has come - until we make our own journey to the Summerlands.

EULOGY:  This is where you can talk about your pet, how you felt about him/her, any memories that you would like to share.

<NAME> put his/her trust in us to do what was best always.  His/her companionship we took for granted but now that (s)he has passed on, we feel the emptiness that is left.

Let us have a moment of silence in which we each, in our own way, give thanks to <NAME> for all that (s)he gave us.


O Great Mother of all Being, we give thanks for what is given, we give thanks for what is taken.  

As the ashes are scattered – or the body buried

Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews

You have been called from the place of your dwelling,
May blessed soul-friends guide you,
May helping spirits lead you,
May the Gatherer of Souls call you,
May the homeward path rise up under your feet
And lead you gladly home.

<NAME>, may your journey to the Isles of the Blessed be swift and sure.  We ask that the blessing of the Spirits of the Ancestors, of Time and of Place, and of the journey be with you.

We ask that the Blessing of the Spirits of North and South, East and West be with you.

We ask that you might be blessed with Fire and with Water, with Earth and with Air and with Spirit.

We ask for the blessing of the Lord and Lady of the Animals and the Woods, the Mountains and the Streams.

We ask that the Blessing of the Uncreated One, and of the Created Word, and of the Spirit that is the Inspirer may always be with you.

By the beauty of the fields, the woods and the sea, by the splendour that is set up on all that is, we send you our own love and blessings, dear <NAME>.

As the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, we are born and we die.  But as the sun returns anew each day, we return to earth, refreshed and renewed.  

Dear <NAME>, know that just as you have been born into the spiritual world, you will be born again on earth - when it is right, in your own time.  Now go safely, go well, go surely.  Our hearts are with you.  There is no separation.

Fare Thee Well, <NAME